David Bartram Furniture


“RESTORATION is the process of repairing and renewing all the damaged or missing parts of a piece enabling it to be presented in as good as condition as it was when first made. New parts are hidden and repairs are disguised. Enhancements, such as better handles or deeper or richer carvings can often increase the value”.

David Bartram.

At David Bartram Furniture we undertake general repair work on many pieces for both private and public houses. These tend to be for personal use and for preserving memories of sentimental pieces.

Britten Pears Foundation Collection

Re-upholstery of settee belonging to Benjamin Britten.

The settee came in the workshop requiring new ‘webs’ and hand stitching. The commission was finished off with new platform lining. The settee can be seen in Peter Pear’s study in the Red House, Aldeburgh.

Clock hood

This 18th century Honduran mahogany long case clock hood was rebuilt having been cut down. The mahogany and veneer used in the restoration of this private commission were from our stock of period timber.

Staircase restoration

The staircase was removed to the workshop and all the treads and risers were replaced like-for-like along with the square spindles, string capping and spacers.

Upholstered furniture restoration

The workshop undertakes re-upholstery and repairs on worn or damaged chairs and stools.